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Arrange for a furnace replacement in your home in Hildale, UT and surrounding areas

Your heater does more than give you a warm home. It also prevents your pipes from freezing during the cold winter months. If your heating unit is on the fritz, don't wait to contact Arctic Sun Heating & Cooling.

We offer heat pump and furnace replacement services to residents of Hildale, UT and surrounding areas. While we specialize in Rheem HVAC systems, we can service all brands. If you need a furnace or heat pump installation, reach out to our team right away.

3 signs you need a new heater

3 signs you need a new heater

Just because your heater is blowing warm air, doesn't mean it's working properly. You may need a heat pump or furnace replacement if you notice:

  1. Rust or cracks on your heater
  2. Higher-than-normal energy bills
  3. Drafts and inconsistent temperatures

Do any of the above signs sound familiar? Schedule an appointment for a heat pump installation or repair today.